1. Fill in the Online Registration form or download the PDF file and submit.
  2. Registrations are submitted by those who own or manage the company or properties. Registration may also be submitted by other entity as long as they have a statement of express agreement from those who own or manage the company or properties.
  3. Send 10-20 high resolution images of your company or properties in landscape (no less than 1 MB each and in JPEG) and a 100 – 200 word description. You can submit a self-assessment on your property/business.
  4. Any material you submit to Luxury Real Estate Awards may be used by us for any purpose, may be edited, duplicated or distributed by Luxury Real Estate Awards without restriction or further consent. This material may also be shared with Partners for marketing benefits.
  5. Should any information about the company or properties change, it must be sent to us by email. Should any changes not be communicated, Luxury Real Estate Awards will not be held responsible for outdated presentations and listings.
  6. Settle the registration fee within seven working days from entry date and submit the proof by email.
  7. Registrations can be paid via Bank Transfer or Credit Card. Provision should be made for any charges that may occur due to transferring of funds as the full amount should our bank account.
  8. The update and usage of the official Luxury Real Estate Awards Logo and marketing tools by the participants is compulsory to confirm that the company or properties is an Official Nomination. Once the results are announced, the use of winners/finalists logos is also compulsory.
  9. Luxury Real Estate Awards reserves the right to disqualify participants.
  10. Authorised company representatives who submit entries will be our primary point of contact unless we are otherwise notified.
  11. When a company or properties re-registers from one year to another, existing images and descriptions of the property will be used unless we receive the updated version.
  12. All voting results are kept confidential and will not be shared with any participants.




  1. Registration fees are not refundable.
  2. No cancellations will be accepted once entries have been successfully submitted.
  3. The participant  will be held liable for payment of the once-off administration fee as well as any legal costs resulting from failure to pay.
  4. By registering online or submitting the registration form and accepting the terms agrees to officially participate in the Luxury Real Estate Awards.




  1. By entering Luxury Real Estate Awards, you acknowledge that we cannot be held responsible for any results during the awarding and voting process.
  2. It is acknowledged that the Luxury Real Estate Awards process may evolve and the rules and format of the awards and its current structure may change at any time in order to enable the process.
  3. Although we work very hard to provide you with the most current and accurate information on our website, we can’t and don’t warrant that everything you see on this Site is up-to-date, error-free or complete.