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To clarify any matter related to the Privacy Policy or to exercise their rights, the “Users” should contact us through the Contacts page on the Website.




The "User" when visit the Website or contract a "Service" is no longer anonymous to us and we may use personal data to identify you directly or indirectly. We collect and process all personal data provided by the “User” at his or her own discretion when visiting the Website or contracting a “Service”.


The "User" when filling out a contact or registration form on the Site (or download and send PDF) is providing personal data that we collect and process.


When the “User” accesses the Website, we automatically collect the following information:


  • Registration of how you accessed the Website;
  • Registration of activity on the Website;
  • Registration of interactions with the Website, advertisements, services, content and advertising;
  • Registration of the device used;
  • Registration of accesses and actions in the backoffice of the Website (in case access has been assigned);
  • Records obtained by cookies, which serve to personalize and enhance the browsing experience and provide extra functionality. The "User" must consent to the use of cookies when first accessing the Website. The "User" if do not want cookies must configure your browser to refuse or not access the Website. If your browser is configured to refuse cookies, some parts of the Website and our “Service” may be inaccessible or may not function properly;
  • Registration of data provided by third parties and publicly available sources of information, for example by Google Analytics for the remarketing function.




The primary purpose in collecting and processing personal data is to provide the “User” with a safe, efficient and personalized experience. “User” personal data is collected and processed by us under the Law for the following purposes:


  • Fulfill the contract we are about to enter into or that we have entered into with the “User”;
  • Offer a secure Website and prevent prohibited or illegal activities;
  • Customized, measured and improved our services, content and advertising;
  • Marketing, service updates and promotional offers;
  • Comply legal and regulatory obligations;
  • In some cases, we may work on “User” personal data based on legitimate interests, such as quality assurance, verification of information and for other legitimate purposes.




Whenever the “User” of the Website accesses and uses the Website or hire our services, should read the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.


The Privacy Policy may be changed at any time and without notice. Changes take effect immediately after publication. Changes are considered accepted if you continue to use and contract our services.




The “User”, under the Law, has rights to how data are processed and may exercise those rights at any time using the Contacts page.


Right to be informed about the processing of your personal data in a clear and easy to understand manner.


Right to access, rectify and update your personal data on your profile on Website (if applicable).


Right to data portability by requesting the sending of a copy, in a and electronically readable format, of the personal data that the “User” himself has provided to us and / or has consented to use.


Right to limit processing by requesting the suspension of processing of your personal data in some circumstances, especially: if disagree with our use of the data; if contest the accuracy of the data; if our use of the data does not comply with the law; and if need us to keep your data in the course of legal proceedings.


Right to object, in certain circumstances, to certain types of processing, including processing for direct marketing, profiling or personal motives, when you believe this may have an impact on your rights and guarantees.


Right of deletion by requesting that your data be removed or deleted in accordance with the law and where there is no reason for us to continue to store and process it. You may also use your right of deletion where we have processed your information unlawfully or for law enforcement purposes.


Right to withdraw authorization for the processing of your personal data. The “User” may withdraw the authorization at any time, although this does not mean that what we have done with your personal data with your authorization is unlawful.




We may share the “User” personal data internally and with selected external entities, such as:


  • Service providers;
  • Advertising and marketing agencies;
  • Data Analysts;
  • Authorities and Regulators;
  • Software companies with programs used by us in the development of the Website in terms of organization, tracking, monitoring, communication, marketing ... (eg Google, Mailchimp, Zoho, ...).


The "User" when providing content, whether personal or not, to be present on the Website must know that it will be visible and available to other "Users" and accessible to all Internet users.


“User” personal data may be disclosed and transferred to other Business Entities if our company is sold, merged or joint venture.




The storage of “User” personal data will be for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected and processed, including all communications.


“User” personal data is stored on secure servers of external entities.


When the “User” personal data we collect and store is no longer required for any purpose and we are not required by law to retain it, it will be deleted.




We do not disclose, sell or distribute “User” personal data to others for marketing purposes. We process “User” personal data to improve our services, content and advertising. This data is collected and processed because we have legitimacy in promote our products and services.


Marketing communications, service updates and promotional offers may be received by “Users” of the Website, who have requested the information, who have participated in a contest or pastime, or who have registered for a promotion. You may request that we stop sending at any time. You can access the denial link in the email or contact us through the Website Contacts page.


The “User” who contracts our services will receive letters, phone calls, emails, SMS or notifications about the “Service”. All contacts are required and the “User” who contracts the services cannot refuse them.


We and the “User” do not allow spam. The “User” must inform us of any spam related to the Website. The “User” may not use our communication tools to send spam or content that violates the Website Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.




The Website may contain links to other sites and applications in its content. The "User" when accessing these sites and applications should consult their privacy policy. We have no control over those websites and applications and their privacy policies.




“User” content is stored on secure servers and technical measures have been used to protect personal data. We have security procedures in place to ensure that personal data are not damaged, destroyed or disclosed to others without the permission of the "User". We have also developed tools (encryption, passwords, ...) to protect personal data.


Despite the measures taken, the “User” should know that the presence and transfer of data over the Internet is never completely secure. There is always a risk that “User” personal data will be misappropriated or accessed by unauthorized. Despite our best efforts, we cannot guarantee that your personal data and private messages will always remain private and will never be accessed by unauthorized.


Following the agreement with the “User”, will have access to his area in the BackOffice of the Website. Access, with login and password, is personal and non-transferable. The “User” is the only responsible for the security of access and the actions taken with its registration, which may be legally bound. If you lose control of your access data, the “User” should inform us and change it immediately.




To clarify any matter related to the Privacy Policy or to exercise your rights, the “User” should contact us through the Contacts page on the Website.