The awards are a global celebration of excellence in real estate.


The awards recognize companies and properties as the best in luxury real estate.




The world's most famous symbol for properties and companies that are the best of the best in the world of real estate.





There is a selection carried out by experts in luxury real estate, which results in invitations to register and participate.


The companies can also self-nominate, which is possible thanks to the nomination feature on our website.


Nominees can strengthen their candidacy by submitting a self-assessment.



A chance to position your company and team as a leader in luxury real estate market. Receive worldwide recognition and celebration of excellence in properties or companies.



Participation alone delivers brand growth. Expose your brand to an entirely new market of high-end customers. Consumers who want to be informed, to make the right choice.



The Luxury Real Estate Awards influence customers' decisions based on the trust and credibility. They know that the property or company they are choosing is a good choice.

The Luxury Real Estate Awards are voted on by an independent Jury and are awarded annually to luxury properties and companies in many different categories, presented at global, continental, regional and country basis, with one property or service receiving the accolade of "The Best" award.

The jury is independent and made up of specialists in luxury real estate.


The Jury personally analyzes each property or company, looking for the luxurious character and feeling of a unique experience.


The evaluation is based on information that is public about the property or service and on information made available by the participants.

Jurí uses specific real estate criteria to award the best properties or companies in several categories.


Properties or companies can be good on all criteria or on just one. Just be recognized by the global luxury real estate market.


The “The Best” winners are chosen by secret ballot.

Winners will be contacted with news of their victory. Congratulation email will be sent with an official digital certificate.


Preparation and delivery of the winners' kits with trophies, framed certificates, plaques, etc., according to the chosen promotion.


News about the «The Best» awards is communicated to the main world media.

Winning a Luxury Real Estate Award will not only inspire the confidence of new clients and build loyalty in this highly competitive market, it will also stimulate the continued growth and development of your business.



Award make you stand out from the competition. The Award affect overall clients perception, as there are many properties located in the same area or similar services.



Being part of Luxury Real Estate Awards gives a property or company the opportunity to receive global recognition leading to an increase in sales on a truly global scale.



The award increases the visibility of your luxury property or company. They will be found by a wide audience with high economic power. You will receive many more and better leads.



You receive a beautiful electronic certificate with the name of the property or company, expired category and year of entry. Right to use our official logos in your print and digital marketing materials.



Delivery of the winners' kits with trophies, framed certificates, plaques, etc., according to the chosen promotion. Marketing campaigns and promotions. Winner press release mention.



The Awards recognize employees and are a proven employee motivator. Winning an award will improve your staff motivation and boost morale throughout your company.

Click on the image and take a better look at our amazing trophy and this beautiful wall plaque.